The Perfect Holiday Brew

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December 6, 2013 by Prost Brewing

This past Wednesday, December 4th, Prost Brewing officially released their winter seasonal, Doppelbock, just in time for the holiday season! Doppelbock was created to pair well with the cold German winters, similar to our current cold front in Colorado. Its warming malt flavor and a subdued bitterness provides much needed comfort during times of bitter cold weather.

Doppelbock was once essential for warming the body and the spirits of German monks who were allowed to consume doppelbock during their liquid fast performed during the advent season. Working hard to concoct the perfect yuletide brew, the monks created doppelbock that was even approved by the Pope himself.

Monk Drinking

Doppelbock comes from the family of Bockbiers that rank among the heaviest, maltiest, and yet smoothest brews in the world. Doppelbock is considered to be a stronger, darker version of the traditional Bavarian Bockbier. In order to bring the malt to the forefront of the flavor profile, the bier must be brewed from a large ratio of grain to water. This simple change produces a beer with a greater overall strength and an unmatched characteristic maltiness perfect for the winter weather.

Coveted by the monks as their “liquid bread” vital to their health and well-being through the holiday season, doppelbock is a treat that must be enjoyed by all. Using the most traditional methods for concocting this traditional German bier, Prost Brewing has produced a winter gem just in time for the holidays! Whether you enjoy this brew with your holiday meals or just as a treat as you curl up by the fire with friends and family, raise your glass up those German monks who once dedicated themselves to creating the perfect holiday brew that now may be enjoyed by all, bringing a sense of yuletide cheer into every household this holiday season! Hurry in to Prost to buy your jug of yuletide cheer before they are gone!


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