Holiday Shopping & Drinking All Wrapped Up into One

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December 9, 2013 by Prost Brewing

The holiday season in Germany has been in full swing since November and will continue on through January. Christmas in Germany is celebrated over 1 month and has been a part of the German culture for centuries. You may or may not know that many Christmas traditions that are celebrated in the U.S. and around the world actually originated in Germany. For instance, the Christmas tree originated in Germany as well as the tradition of giving gifts to children on Christmas day!

Tallest Christmas Tree in Germany in 2008

Tallest Christmas Tree in Germany in 2008

German outdoor Christmas markets called “Christkindlmarkts” have been around for centuries, supplying Germans with much of their holiday shopping needs. Stands filled with hot cider, pretzels as big as your face, the usual German sausages, gingerbread-like cookies, and a special type of cake in the form of a loaf speckled with dried fruit in the inside. After a day at the outdoor markets, you will find the majority of Germans in the beer halls warming up with one of the traditional German winter beers such as the Doppelbock, now available at Prost.

Frankfurt Christmas Market 1851

Frankfurt Christmas Market 1851

You might not be able to find the outdoor Christkindlmarkts here in Colorado, but you can still head to Prost Brewing’s beer hall after a long day of shopping amidst the current bitter cold Colorado weather. Better yet, you might be able to go to Prost for beer and gifts as Prost currently has a selection of gifts for the beer lover on your list. Choose among Prost Brewing t-shirts, glassware, sweatshirts, and the best gift of all, the Beer for a Year Growler Card, offering 50 plus dollars in savings a year! This holiday season, Prost Brewing is your one stop shop for a bit of holiday shopping and holiday drinking all wrapped up into one.


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