Lager Resurgence

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November 11, 2014 by beerbaron52

Have you all noticed the word “Lager” showing up all over lately? With Guiness’s American Blond Lager, and Yuengling’s new packaging highlighting Lager to name a couple, we are seeing the early signs 2nd wave of America’s love of lager.

We will be writing about the first wave when in the mid 19th Century lager bier was introduced to America.This is the first in a series of entries you will see here that tell the story of lager bier in America from 1840-1920.

For instance, did you know that America was becoming known as a nation of drunks prior to 1840 but that we as a nation drank very little ale (as beer was called at the time) about 1/20th the amount of bier per capita as we do today? Lager changed many things in American culture and we think you will find it as entertaining as we did.

Next week: How Lager Almost Halted Prohibition….


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