German Ingredients Make the Best German-Style Bier

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September 12, 2014 by Prost Brewing

A bag of malt from Bamberg, Germany hangs in the brewery.

A bag of malt from Bamberg, Germany hangs in the brewery.

We recently described in a blog post how the authenticity of the Prost Brewing copper brauhaus is important in making excellent German-style bier. The copper equipment isn’t the only thing we use that comes straight from Germany, though. We import all of the malt and hops used in our brewing process from Germany as well. What’s the point of being a German-style brewery focused on great bier if we don’t fully commit to doing things the right way?

We use only the finest German malt in our biers, and it’s shipped to us from Bamberg in small volumes. This includes malt types like Pilsner, Vienna and Munich. It’s much more expensive than North American malt, but the results drink for themselves. Some of our bier styles are derived from malt varieties that have been pre-blended prior to us receiving them. We could make bier from non-German malts and it would probably be acceptable, but German malts help ensure we harness the true essence of German bier.

Only the finest German grown hops are used at Prost, and varieties include Saaz, Hallertau, Tettnanger and Spalter. The same story that applies to German malt holds true for German hops. Many factors including German soils, climate, and processes give German noble hops their essence. It’s much like how grapes grown for making wine will have specific characteristics based on their region. Some North American hops varieties aim to imitate the qualities of German noble hops, but don’t quite capture what makes these hops so unique and special.

We don’t cut corners with our ingredients, and that’s one of many aspects that set Prost Brewing apart from the growing number of other Colorado craft breweries.


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