Why We Lager, and Why It Matters

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September 5, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Lager Bier

At Prost Brewing, it’s our philosophy that some things are worth putting forth the extra effort, time, and money. Brewing great German-style bier requires us to go that extra mile, and the results drink for themselves. We’re a lager brewery, not a common ale house like the vast majority of breweries in the United States. In keeping with German brewing, most of our styles are true lagers, fermented with bottom-sitting lager yeast, with a few ale or hybrid styles thrown in as well. Regardless of the fermentation process, all of our biers are cold conditioned or lagered.

It takes a lot more time to lager, which makes it more costly. Ales can be produced in as little as eight days, whereas our lager biers require a minimum timeframe of six weeks from the day we brew until before can be consumed. At Prost, we ferment at 46 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and cold condition for four to six weeks at near 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Some take much more time to attain the very clean taste associated with the style. Lager biers are also very yeast-dependent, and flavors derived from them are subtle. Flaws cannot be masked by the high use of hops or spices and herbs. More attention to detail is also required to clean and sanitize the vessels.

One of the main benefits of the lagering process is that it breaks down fusel oils, which are a large contributor to headaches and hangovers. While expensive, lagering is a much needed part of high quality German-style biers. If a bier is not lagered properly, it can still taste okay, but you’ll know it in the morning!


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