A Brewery’s Design, Including Pipes & Equipment, Helps Make Great Bier

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September 1, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Prost Brewing Beer Tasting

So much science and equipment goes into making bier this good.

Think about all the fluids that flow through the Prost brauhaus – water, wort, bier, yeast, and cleaning products, just for starters. Now think of all the piping it takes to support all the operations in the brewery. With so much fluid to move all around throughout the brewing process, we need pipes of all sizes to handle our wide range of volume.

When designing a brewery, it’s important to know piping size and capacity. For instance, how much volume can a pipe of a certain diameter really handle? Of course, this knowledge must also be coupled with a thorough understanding of fluid dynamics, which we covered in a blog post in early August. As a production brewery, we have pipes that range in diameter from half an inch to 12 inches, with all different sizes in between. For each size, a certain number of feet of pipes are necessary to contain the fluid. A half inch pipe requires just over 1,507 feet of pipe to contain one barrel of fluid, or 48.62 feet of pipe to contain one gallon of fluid. In comparison, a 12 inch pipe requires only 4.91 feet of pipe to contain one barrel of fluid, and 0.16 feet of pipe to contain one gallon.

It’s clear that such information is critical when considering all the uses for brewery pipes, and how much space is required to accommodate each stage in the brewing process. Take a tour sometime, and see for yourself the intricate system of pipes and equipment that makes it possible for us to brew delicious, authentic German-style bier. Prost!


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