Authentic Copper Brewing Equipment From Germany Sets Us Apart

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August 29, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Copper Brewing Equipment straight from Germany

Copper brewing equipment straight from Germany

At Prost Brewing, our commitment to brewing authentic German-style bier shines through in our equipment, ingredients, processes, and more. With just one look at the copper vessels in our brauhaus, it’s clear they’re special pieces of equipment. But their significance goes far beyond a beautiful shiny appearance, and today we’re taking a closer look at how these vessels set us apart from other breweries throughout Colorado.

The brauhaus vessels were made in Germany in 1963, and first installed in a brewery near Bamberg. They’re made of copper, excellent for ensuring even heat throughout. The brauhaus kettle is direct-fired, which means there is actually a flame under the vessel. In comparison, the vast majority of breweries in the United States are steam-heated. The kettle, which also functions as a mash vessel, is equipped with an agitator and drag-chain to prevent the flame from scorching the wort.

The process of mashing malted grain involves steeping it in hot water at certain temperatures for a specific period of time. Our copper kettle is capable of decoction mashing, which is a centuries-old, time sensitive process that brings out the soul of the malt. Relatively few breweries in the U.S. have decoction capability, which requires additional mash transfer ability. Breweries that lack this capability use less time-consuming processes such as infusion mashing.

All it takes is one taste of our bier to understand why we’re so proud of our authentic equipment and processes. Prost!


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