The Perfect Bier, The Chosen Yeast, and The Wild Yeast That Lurks in the Shadows

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July 25, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Prost Brewing Beer Tasting

Yeast is partially responsible for the character of every Prost Brewing bier.

Yeast is an extremely important brewing ingredient that has a huge impact on the finished product. A brewer picks yeast very carefully for each particular bier style. The yeast strain has a major influence on the one-of-a-kind character of a bier. Yeast is a living organism, and its use in fermentation leads to optimal results when every aspect of it is tightly controlled. For Prost Brewing, with our specifically defined styles, that means keeping all other forms of yeast and bacteria from contaminating our wort during fermentation.

Wild yeast is any form of yeast that has not been selected to ferment the wort, but is found to be present in the brewery. It’s true that yeast and bacteria are everywhere – on surfaces, on our skin, in our hair, in food, and in water, to list some examples. How do we make sure it doesn’t get into our fermenting bier? The answer has everything to do with a strict dedication to quality assurance, sterilization, and adhering to excellent brewing techniques.

We work hard to sterilize our fermenters and lagering tanks to make sure no wild yeast is present when wort goes into them. Before transferring wort into the fermenters, it goes through the wort cooler. This helps bring the sterile liquid down to the appropriate temperature for fermentation relatively quickly so no bacteria can form in the meantime. When pitching the yeast in the fermenter, we ensure that the yeast goes directly into the vessel and doesn’t make contact with the air. These are just a few of the ways we make sure only the selected yeast strain turns our wort into delicious Prost bier.

Nobody said brewing was easy, but we love working hard to bring you the best German style bier in Colorado. Prost!


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