Summer is the Season for German Style Bier

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July 21, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Barbecue & German Beer

German style biers like Pils are perfect for a summer afternoon.

In German bier culture, there’s a bier style for every season. Prost Brewing follows tradition and offers a malty and refreshing Maibock in the spring, a crisp and clean Märzen Oktoberfest in the fall, and a hearty and rich Doppelbock in the winter. The current season, summer, is in many ways a prime season for drinking German style bier. This time of year, when temperatures climb higher, some of our core biers really shine due to their approachable and thirst-quenching nature.

We’re talking about biers like Pils and Weißbier, but don’t forget about our Kölsch and Keller-Pils as well. Lighter-bodied, refreshing, yet flavorful and satisfying, these well-known styles go hand-in-hand with summer leisure. It’s no surprise that two of these biers are among the three biers that Prost Brewing now bottles and distributes, making it easy to grab some to enjoy while soaking in the summertime atmosphere.

These bier styles, like everything we brew, are also authentic versions with flavor profiles and other attributes closely resembling what you’d find from the best breweries in Germany. Such flavors match up very well with delicious grilled meats and sausages, coincidentally! Which Prost bier do you enjoy most in the summertime?


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