Authentic Tankards Live On at Prost Brewing

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July 7, 2014 by Prost Brewing

A Maß of bier, a famous type of tankard.

A Maß, which is a well-known type of tankard.

Prost Brewing is probably one of the few taprooms around where you can be served bier in a tankard. You may ask yourself, what exactly is a tankard of bier? Our 1-liter Publik Maß is a tankard, as well as our half-liter Isar Tankard that we fill with seasonal releases. Simply, it’s a large drinking cup with a handle on the side, and it’s usually made of glass, ceramic, silver or pewter.

You’re probably more familiar with the word stein, which is technically a German bier tankard with a hinged lid. The creation of a drinking vessel with a lid can be traced back to the 1300s when the Bubonic Plague killed more than 25 million Europeans. In the decades that followed, lids were added to drinking cups to keep out disease-ridden flies. German laws passed in the early 1500s required all food and beverages be covered, including bier containers. As time went on, bier steins evolved and became ingrained in German culture. In the 1800s, glass became the preferred material for these mugs, due in part to the ability to mass produce them and the fact that clearer bier was being brewed.

Our glass bier tankards don’t usually have lids on them, but they’re just like the type of mug you’d be served at a brewery or biergarten in Bavaria. Even the term Maß is the Bavarian term for “mug of beer.” You can get a Maß filled with any delicious Prost bier, from our lighter-bodied Kölsch to our darker Altbier. Even seasonal releases can go in a Maß, if you feel like having twice as much as what the Isar Tankard holds. We aim to give you an authentic German style experience every time you stop in. Prost!


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