Drauflassen is Part of Our Method to Bier Perfection

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July 4, 2014 by Prost Brewing

The 120-barrel fermenter at Prost Brewing

The 120-barrel fermenter at Prost Brewing

Our new massive fermenter, pictured above, holds about 120 barrels of bier. This is twice the capacity of Prost’s brauhaus, which can brew about 60 barrels at one time. The fermenter is the perfect vessel for us to apply the German brewing practice of Drauflassen.

Drauflassen is a German word that means “letting something flow onto.” When we practice Drauflassen, we fill a fermenter about one third or one half with wort, then pitch the yeast onto this amount. The next day, we’ll brew another batch of wort and then add it to the fermenting wort. This method of fermentation can deliver good attenuation, which is a measure of how much of the fermentable sugars have been converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Drauflassen can also result in high ester levels, which are flavor compounds that help define a bier style.

At Prost, all of the equipment, brewing methods, and ingredients we use work synergistically to produce consistently high quality German style bier. Everything is linked together, and one misstep in the brewing process would throw it all off. Like the Drauflassen method of fermentation, we make sure every other aspect of the process is done with the highest amount of expertise and authenticity. We think such diligence deserves a “Prost!”


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