Prost Biers Go Well With Any 4th of July Activity

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June 30, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Prost Brewing's Biergarten in Denver

Prost Brewing’s Biergarten in Denver is a great place to be this weekend.

Summer is officially here, and later this week we’ll celebrate Independence Day. The Rocky Mountain region is among the best places in the country for enjoying this time of year, and Prost Brewing aims to help make it even better. We offer the finest German bier styles to help make the most of each July 4th weekend activity you have planned.

If you plan to hit the mountains this weekend, stop into the Prost taproom for a growler fill of your favorite bier or grab a 6-pack of bottles at your local liquor store. Nothing quenches your thirst after a nice long hike or bike ride than a crisp Kölsch, Pils or Keller-Pils. These lighter bodied biers really hit the spot after a hitting the trails for a few hours. All our biers pair very well with food, but one that’s an especially good pick to enjoy with a grilled meal, such as bratwurst, is our Weißbier. This bier’s complex fruity esters left behind from the yeast add intrigue and depth that elevate any meal. Later on in the evening when sitting around the campfire, our darker Altbier or Altfränkisches Dunkel complement the cooler temperatures and moonlight very well.

Staying in town this weekend? Stop into Prost and let us celebrate with you in our biergarten! The Rockies are playing at Coors Field all weekend, and we’re just a short walk from the stadium. You can park at Prost for free as well! Grab a glass or two of Prost bier before you head to the game or cheer a Rockies win by hoisting a Publik Maß. Have a safe, enjoyable holiday weekend, whatever you have planned. Prost!


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