Milling Malt Begins the Brewing Process

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June 20, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Malt must be milled before the mash

Malt must be milled before the mash

Last Friday, we told you about the essential elements of malt as a key ingredient in brewing. Today we’re taking a look at the process of milling the grains in preparation for the mash. It’s an important first step in the brewing process that helps ensure every Prost bier looks, tastes and feels exactly like it should. Here’s how and why malt is milled.

The act of milling involves crushing and cracking the malted grains. The malt kernels are broken down into husks, grits and flour. Different demands are assigned to these malt particles. The grits and flour are the endosperm, or middle layer of the malt, and they need to be exposed to be used most efficiently. It’s important to leave the husk unbroken so it can serve as a natural filtering bed when the wort is lautered, or separated, at the end of the mash. A good crush is a balance between breaking the kernels down into small enough pieces for optimal enzyme extraction, and still having unbroken husks and the right sized grits that are effective for lautering. Malt can be milled dry or conditioned with moisture prior to milling.

Good brewers know the difference between malt that’s been properly milled and malt that hasn’t. At Prost, we use milled malt that we know will perform the way it should to produce consistently excellent German style bier with every batch. We set our standards high to deliver a product worthy of serving to you, our customers. Prost!


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