A Copper Brewery as Authentic as the Bier Styles We Brew

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June 16, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Copper brewing equipment at Prost Brewing

Copper brewing equipment at Prost Brewing

The beautiful copper brauhaus at Prost Brewing is iconic and recognizable. It has historical significance due to the fact that it’s been in operation since 1963, and was first used at a German brewery. The brewing equipment was installed at the Bucher Bräu in the German city of Grafenau and used there until 1984, when it was overhauled and sold to Brauerei Hümmer of Breitengüßbach, Germany, a village in the Franconian region of Bavaria. Brauerei Hümmer started brewing bier in the Franconian village of Breitengüßbach in 1642.

Needless to say, we’re pleased with the tradition and heritage we’re able carry on by brewing with this equipment here in Denver. We also love our brauhaus because it allows us to brew flat-out amazing German style bier. Copper is a great metal for use in brewing equipment because it transfers heat evenly throughout the vessel. In the copper mash tun, we use the traditional German methods of step mashing and decoction mashing. In our copper boiling kettle, wort is boiled with hops for a specific period of time. The copper helps ensure temperatures are consistent by preventing the bubbles produced during the boil from clinging to the metal’s surface.

It’s important that we keep our copper brauhaus well maintained, so cleaning and sanitizing are critical steps. We have a new pump system that helps disperse hot water up into the kettles and initiate a looping motion, helping us to more easily clean and sanitize the equipment thoroughly throughout. A pristine brewery can be kept in good working condition for decades to come, and it’s how we’re able to consistently brew excellent Prost biers. Take a tour behind the scenes at our brewery sometime and see for yourself!



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