Prost Altbier: A Taste of Düsseldorf

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June 9, 2014 by Prost Brewing



All German bier styles have origins that are deeply rooted in a particular region. At Prost Brewing, we brew an array of styles that reflect the heritage of each individual style, right down to the ingredients, brewing methods, and how it’s served. Our Altbier is an authentic take on a style that’s famous for its older roots, and hails from a certain region in western Germany.

The region of Westphalia is where the Altbier style was born, and the city of Düsseldorf made this bier its specialty. The word Alt means “old,” and it relates to the top-fermenting method of brewing, which is older than the bottom-fermenting method used to make lagers. As a top-fermented bier, Altbier is an ale, but after primary fermentation it’s treated like a lager and conditioned at colder temperatures. Many breweries in Düsseldorf still brew Altbier today, and serve it in the same kind of straight-sided glass you’ll be served at Prost.

Altbier is brown in color, and provides crisp refreshment with a balance of flavors. When taking a drink, crackery or nutty malt flavors come through followed by a subtle peppery noble hop quality, leaving a clean finish. Altbier has nuances and complexities that can be even better appreciated by knowing a bit about its historic beginnings. Big on flavor, very drinkable, and refreshing, Altbier is a great choice for any time of the year, even in the hot summer months. Stop in and find out for yourself. Prost!


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