The Proper Glass for Your Favorite Prost Bier

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June 2, 2014 by Prost Brewing

How much does the proper glass matter? A lot.

How much does the proper glass matter? A lot.

Have you ever wondered why different beers are served in different glasses? If so, we have some answers for you. At Prost Brewing, you can be sure your German style bier will be served in the proper glass based on its style. As you can see when looking around our taproom or biergarten, we have a large variety of glassware. Each different glass is an important element in fully experiencing that particular bier, and also holds a vast amount of history and heritage.

Our Weißbier glass has a distinctive narrow bottom that curves up to a wider mouth. The design is meant to preserve the head of the bier while locking in the banana and clove esters produced by the yeast. The Altbier is served in the traditional straight-sided glass you’d find at a bierhall or pub in Düsseldorf. Kölsch is brought to you in a tall, thin stange, meaning rod or stick, just as if you’re enjoying your bier in Köln. The Pilsner glass is tall and relatively narrow, showcasing this bier’s clarity. These are just some of the ways the authenticity of the Prost bier experiences shines through.

Of course, if you’re especially thirsty when you arrive at our bierhall taproom, you can always order a Maß of your favorite Prost bier. This liter-sized mug is perhaps the most recognizable glass in German bier culture. Hoisting a traditional Maß is something a German bier lover should experience from time to time, and what better place to do so than at Prost? A large biergarten, classic German style bier, and a festive atmosphere – it’s all right here!


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