More New Brewing Equipment That Sets Prost Apart

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May 30, 2014 by Prost Brewing

At Prost Brewing, we work hard to incorporate the old with the new. We use Old World brewing processes in our copper brew kettles to produce authentic German style biers, but also take advantage of the latest technology in many aspects of our operations.

One example of the evolution of brewing technology is our new wort cooler. As you can see, the contrast in size between our old wort cooler and the new one is stark, highlighting the efficiency this new piece of equipment provides.

Old, larger wort cooler

Old, larger wort cooler

New, smaller, more efficient wort cooler

New, smaller, more efficient wort cooler








Wort is the name for the liquid that’s produced during the brauhaus brewing process, when the extract is derived from malted grain. This extract is boiled with hops for a specific period of time. After the boil, the wort goes through the whirlpool where solid particles are separated out. The wort must then be quickly cooled before it goes into the fermentation tanks, and this is where efficiency in technology through heat transfer really comes into play.

Cooling the wort through this new water/glycol system takes about a half an hour. Considering our brauhaus produces upwards of 70 hectoliters, or 60-plus barrels, of wort through the cooler, that’s pretty efficient! We cool a lot lower than ale breweries. This process ensures a proper temperature start-point to the fermentation phase of the brewing process. The end result being bier of excellent drinkability, flavor and taste. Each Prost bier is unique and special, and we strive to brew delicious German style biers. That they’re made right here in Colorado makes them that much more special!


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