Start Your Week With a Growler Special at Prost

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May 26, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Growlers at Prost Brewing

Growlers at Prost Brewing

It’s Monday, which means we have a treat for you here at Prost Brewing. On Mondays, we offer 2-for-1 growler fills of your favorite Prost biers. Bring in your empty Prost growlers, or any growlers for that matter, and you’ll get two fills for the price of one, with prices varying by bier. Or, if you don’t already have one, you can purchase a Prost growler or two along with your fills.

When it comes to taking fresh beer home, the German bier culture was ahead of its time in the development of to-go containers. American beer consumers, in approximately the late 1800s, first used a metal pail with a lid for carrying beer home from their local pubs, and the beer was said to make a growling sound as the carbon dioxide was released from under the lid. Thus the term “growler” is said to have been born. Meanwhile, in Germany around that same time, a glass vessel with a clasp-sealed lid and side handle was being introduced for the same purpose. This container, the German Siphon, helped keep bier fresh and carbonated for days after it was taken home from the pub or brewery.

A German Siphon, precursor of the modern growler

A German Siphon, precursor of the modern growler

The modern glass growler has been pioneered to keep beer fresh for several weeks or even longer, especially if left unopened. Of course, a key benefit of purchasing a growler of Prost bier is that you’re able to enjoy it fresh from the source, so we don’t blame you if it goes fast once it’s home. We hope you take advantage of our Monday 2-for-1 growler special so you’re stocked up on our bier all week long. Prost!


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