A Peek at the New Prost Brewing Bottling Machine

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May 16, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Prost bottling machine

Prost bottling machine

In the last post, we featured our new brite beer tank. Another new piece of equipment that will greatly impact the distribution of Prost Brewing biers is our new bottling machine. Historically, customers have been able to find some of their favorite Prost biers in area liquor stores, but only in growlers. Our plans to begin bottling by the end of May means you’ll soon be able to find six-packs of Prost biers in many stores around Colorado.

The three biers we’re bottling initially are the Prost Pils, Weißbier and Dunkel. While growlers are great for many occasions, we want to give our customers more options for purchasing and enjoying our delicious, authentic German brews. Bottles also have a longer shelf life than growlers, helping to ensure your bier remains fresh for weeks after you purchase it. As we begin bottling, we’ve also signed on with a beverage distributor to broaden our reach and introduce more craft beer lovers to Prost Brewing. You’ll soon see bottled Prost biers in restaurants, bars and more stores near you.

For those of you who love to take your favorite Prost biers home fresh off the tap, we’ll continue to sell and fill growlers in our taproom. You’ll also see our seasonal releases in distributed in growlers. More choice for you, the consumer, is what we strive to provide, in addition to offering the finest German style craft beer you’ll find in the Rocky Mountain region.

Follow along on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook page, and we’ll keep you posted on when you can expect to be able to crack open a Prost bier bottle yourself.


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