New Equipment Marks Growth at Prost Brewing

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May 12, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Prost Bright Tank

Prost Brewing’s second brite beer tank

Prost Brewing recently acquired some new brewing equipment, and we think it’s worth showing off. The first piece we’re featuring is our new brite beer tank (BBT). This important vessel is the second of its kind at Prost, and will allow us to more efficiently prepare our biers for consumption.

Here’s a simple explanation of our fermentation process and equipment. After our unfermented bier, or wort, is brewed, it goes into a fermentation vessel. From there it goes into a lagering tank, then into a BBT, and finally into a keg. Between the lagering tank and the BBT, bier may be filtered depending on its style. In the BBT, bier is prepared for kegging. Carbonation is adjusted to be within style specifications, oxygen is verified to be low, and the bier is kept very cold to ensure a properly packaged product.

So why is a second BBT necessary? In short, it adds another layer of efficiency and versatility to our operations. Bier must sit in the BBT for several days before kegging, so one of these vessels means only one bier at a time can be prepared for kegging. With a second BBT, we can simultaneously prepare two of our delicious biers to be packaged and served. We’d like to think this kind of growth is a great reason to raise our glasses!

Be sure to keep following the blog as we continue to unveil our new brewery hardware. Prost!


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