Bavaria: The Birthplace of Modern Brewing

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April 21, 2014 by Prost Brewing

The Bavarian Alps

The Bavarian Alps

Tucked amidst towering mountain ranges of the Bavarian Alps are endless clusters of breweries, many of which have been around since ancient times. For centuries on end, the mountains blanketed in snow have fed the ever flowing rivers supplying Bavarian breweries with an abundance of the freshest spring water one can find. Plentiful water supplies coupled with fertile soil and an ideal climate for growing excellent barley and hops set the stage for Bavaria to give rise to what is today recognized as the birthplace of modern brewing.

Church with Bavarian Alps in the Background; Courtesy of: Rebecca Kennison Under the License:

Church with Bavarian Alps in the Background; Courtesy of: Rebecca Kennison under the license:

It was the monks who first saw the potential for these resources to make what they referred to as their beloved “liquid bread” that would carry them through their seasonal fasts and provide ample nourishment year round. Using their mindful and methodical approach to creating the art of the brew, the monks of Bavaria came to define brewing as an art that could be approached through the scientific method exercising trial and error, careful observation, and endless experimentation followed by analysis of the results. Utilizing this evolutionary approach paired with the most abundant and highest quality ingredients, it is no wonder the monks were able to successfully establish the first known breweries in the world.

Two of the oldest Bavarian breweries competing for the title of “the oldest brewery in the world” include the Bavarian Weihenstephan and the Weltenburg Abbey Brewery thought to be established some time around 1000-1040 A.D. Little did these pioneering monks know that their breweries would be the first of what would become one of the largest collections of breweries in the world. Indeed, Bavaria has two times the breweries present in all member countries of the European Union and as in the rest of Germany! Together, about half of all of the German breweries are located in Bavaria. Franconia alone, a subregion of Bavaria located in the northeast region of Bavaria, has the highest concentration of breweries in the world! Roughly one hundred breweries stand within about a one hundred mile radius of the Franconian town of Bamberg.

Bamberg Town Hall; Courtesy of: Tamcgath under the license:

Bamberg Town Hall; Courtesy of: Tamcgath under the license:

Plentiful, high-quality ingredients laid the foundation for these breweries to rise to their present-day success. Using centuries old ancient brewing techniques first developed as a result of the German monks’ scientific approach to brewing, these German breweries have developed styles of bier that are known the world round. Luckily, for all Denver-ites and visitors to the Mile High City, these ancient German bier styles are now available locally, providing all of those German beer lovers a chance to taste beer flavors that have been carefully cultivated over centuries and centuries of brewing! A few sips and you will come to understand how long-standing brewing traditions come to produce long-standing brews with flavors that have and will withstand the test of time.

Now for a “Prost!” to Bavaria, the birthplace of the modern brew presented to you in a tall mugful of Prost Brewing’s finest!…



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