Love at First Sight & The Revival of the Dark Amber German Lager

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February 22, 2014 by Prost Brewing


When a large, overflowing glass of Prost Brewing’s dark amber Altfrankisches Dunkel Bier is plopped down right before your eyes, you may not know that you are about to taste a rare German specialty bier that’s recipe comes straight from a German brewery that began brewing over 350 years ago. The brewery known in German as Brauerei Hümmer first began brewing in the village of Breitengüßbach in 1642.

Prost Brewing Gallery Photos:  (Denver, Colorado)

Brauerei Hümmer where Prost acquired its copper brewery from

Thus, for over three centuries this brewery provided an ample supply of classic German bier to its thirsty villagers. It was not until 2011 when the son that was to inherit the brewery had other life plans that this ancient brewery stopped its brewing. Little did the family know, that even after they were forced into closing their doors, their copper plated brew kettle would soon be harboring rich fermenting malt in a city far, far away at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

With serendipitous timing comes the Prost Brewing team who is seeking out their own ancient German brewing equipment to serve as part of the authentic German foundation for their future brewery to be in Denver, Colorado. It was love at first sight, as they like to say. Right away, the Prost team was captured by the sheer beauty of the 70 barrel copper kettle with its dizzying labyrinth of pipes going to and fro, connecting the kettles and controlling them at the same time. Then came the beer tasting, a chance to sip and reflect upon the brewery’s potential with a thorough taste test. It was then that the Prost team fell in love once again, this time with the brewery’s rare specialty bier known as an Altfränkisches Dunkel Bier. This bier essentially sealed the deal and after some negotiations, the brewery was arranged to be sent across the Great Atlantic and all the way through the states to finally arrive at the Mile High City.

The brewery was shipped over piece by piece, and upon arrival, with no manual on how to piece this ancient copper specimen together, the Prost team had to carefully piece it together, taking a total of six months to reach the final product.

The Brewhouse the Prost team discovered at Brauerei Hümmer

The copper brew kettle the Prost team discovered at Brauerei Hümmer

The Brewhouse was taken apart to be shipped to the U.S. piece by piece!

The Brewery was taken apart to be shipped to the U.S. piece by piece!

Copper Plated Love at First Sight!

Copper Plated Love at First Sight!

Construction of the Brewhouse in its new home at Prost Brewing

Construction of the Brewery in its new home at Prost Brewing

With the brewery intact in its new home, the Prost team set out to recreate the specialty bier they had indulged in at the old German brewery. Thus, since the beginnings, Altfränkisches Dunkel Bier has been a part of the Prost Brewing German bier lineup, paying homage to the brewery that bestowed upon them their unique and classic German brew kettle. Smooth and malty, this bier is a German classic that is a “must try” for anyone looking to experience those rare gems that normally never make their way past the German borders.


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