Prost’s Broncos Post-Game Recovery Plan


January 20, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Denver Broncos 1963-64 season, Ernie Barnes No. 62

Denver Broncos 1963-64 season, Ernie Barnes No. 62

Prost Brewing’s secret concoction that will help support a recovery from the partying involved in yesterday’s game comes in the form of a tall, slender glass, has a light golden hue, and plenty of bubbly to form a thick, white and creamy head. What is the name of this secret concoction? If you haven’t already guessed the name is Weißbier, a well-known Bavarian specialty that comes brimming with the flavors of banana and clove, unique flavors that result from the brewer’s yeast that is left unfiltered in a traditional Weißbier such as Prost’s.

Hefeweizen - Weissbier

This brewer’s yeast is part of the clouded secret to Weißbier’s restorative properties. With the yeast left in the brew, there is an abundance of B vitamins known to have both restorative and revitalizing properties that will help to boost energy. This ample supply of B’s may also aid in replenishing some of those B vitamins you may have naturally become low on from yesterday’s drinking extravaganza during the Bronco game. Furthermore, the yeast also contains an abundance of minerals that harbor their own vitality boosting punch.

So if you find yourself today in need of a recovery tonic, energy boost, or just another taste of some refreshing authentic German bier, then stop by Prost for your Weißbier in the form of a glass enjoyed in house or a growler to take home for a few days supply of recovery tonic you may share with your fellow Broncos fans. With just a little bit of this life-giving elixir you will be ready for more action for the biggest game of all – the Super Bowl of 2014! Go Broncos!!!

Growlers at Prost Brewing

Growlers at Prost Brewing

…A “Prost!” to good health and the healthiest of all bier, Weißbier!…



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