Beer n’ Brat: A German Tradition for Centuries

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January 13, 2014 by Prost Brewing

Every day of the week, Prost Brewing offers you the opportunity to sip upon some German tradition in the form of an authentic German brew as you sit back and enjoy the atmosphere of Denver’s only German beer hall. To finish off this German drinking experience, Prost Brewing also now offers the opportunity to bite down into another German brew pub tradition by bringing you specialty brats n’ dogs from Prost Brewing’s friends at Dog Town Concessions available every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Photo Courtesy of: barfisch

Photo Courtesy of: barfisch

The modern food and beer pairing of beer and brats is in actuality an ancient German tradition. Believe it or not, the first documented evidence of the Bratwurst in Germany dates all the way back to 1313, to the Franconian city of Nuremburg, a city still internationally recognized for the production of grilled sausages. Equally impressive, the oldest known recipe of a particularly well-known traditional sausage, the Thuringian sausage, dates back to 1613.

Original Thuringian sausage. Photo Courtesy of: Christian Bier

Original Thuringian sausage. Photo Courtesy of: Christian Bier

The name “bratwurst” also extends back to the time of its origination. The name comes directly from the Old High German “Brätwurst” composed of the root “brät-” that refers to finely chopped meat and the ending “-wurst” that stands for “sausage.” Modern Germans sometimes even associate it with the German verb “braten” which means to pan fry or roast since most brats are prepared this way.

Thus, it may come as somewhat of a surprise that the modern day tradition of combining beer and brat is rooted in ancient German drinking traditions. After centuries of brat consumption, you may still find vendors with small stands on the streets of Germany selling all kinds of bratwursts to feast upon as a much needed on-the-go snack. Of course, the beer and brat combo can also be found in any and ever beer hall in Germany.

That is why Prost Brewing has paired with Dog Town Concessions to bring to you yet another authentic German tradition. Dog Town Concessions offers specialty brats n’ dogs including such unexpected and delicious varieties as the “Mountain Man Bratwurst.” Dog Town Concessions is anything but your typical hot dog stand, even offering salt speckled pretzel buns to hold your juicy brat in. If your mouth is beginning to water, head to Prost this lunch hour, or anytime tomorrow for “Beer n’ Brat Tuesday” for just $8!

Photo Courtsey of Jarlhelm

Photo Courtsey of Jarlhelm

See you soon!



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