Celebrate the Holidays German Style

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December 20, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Christmas Market in Germany, 19th c. Postcard

Christmas Market in Germany, 19th c. Postcard

It might be easy to celebrate the holidays with some of the German holiday traditions no matter what part of the world you live in. For instance, ole kris kingle (also known as Santa Claus) and the international holiday symbol, the christmas tree, both have their roots in the German culture.

Of course, the German holiday fun does not stop there. The outdoor Christmas market known in Germany as the “Christkindl” market has been a part of the holiday cheer in Germany since the Middle Ages. Every year the markets supplies Germans with the traditional holiday nibbles such as the German equivalent to gingerbread known as “Lebkuchen,” a sweet bread filled with rum-soaked raisins, almonds, candied fruit, and of course, butter known among Germans as “Stollen,” and warm roasted chestnuts straight from the open fire. These treats are enjoyed as the Germans stroll through stalls filled with an endless supply of handcrafted creations.

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Christmas Market in Frankfurt, Germany

For anyone living in Colorado, they will be happy to know that they don’t have to jump the pond in order to enjoy the pleasures of the German “Christkindl” market. Denver has its own Christkindl market that is considered by the Today show to be as one of America’s best Christmas markets! Located just off 16th St. mall, this weekend this will be the perfect place to put a little more pleasure into this year’s holiday shopping routine. After a long day of holiday shopping you can enjoy a German treat and a rest in their miniature beer garden.

For that beer lover on your holiday wish list, the market has a selection of ornate German beer steins. Of course, if you are looking for a stein this holiday season, you won’t want to pass up Prost Brewing’s own unique stein made in Germany of course! A glass Maß complete with the Prost Brewing logo is topped off with an original copper plated lid that was specially designed to resemble Prost’s own brew kettles brought all the way over from Germany. This copper top even contains an outline of the little trap door found on each of Prost’s brew kettles. Filled with a little of Prost’s Doppelbock, the perfect holiday brew, this “stein” is the gift to give any beer lover still in need of an authentic German stein.

Prost Beer SteinProst Beer Stein

Living in Colorado or perhaps just coming as a visitor, you never knew that celebrating the holidays German style was so easy to do in a place so far away from Deutschland! This holiday season we look forward to sharing with you a bit of that unique German holiday cheer and hopefully at least a Prost or two!

A Prost to a Happy Holiday Season!…Prost!


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