Prost Growler + German Glassware: The Gift That Keeps on Giving


December 16, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Growlers at Prost Brewing

Growlers at Prost Brewing

Along with centuries of creating and fine tuning all of the various styles of German bier, German brewers have also worked to craft the ideal serving glass for each particular beer. Each glass that serves as part of the collection of traditional German beer glassware functions to showcase the beer’s most desirable characteristics, making that favorite German beer of yours that much tastier.

Thus, just as different types of wine have their own glasses, each unique style of German bier has an accompanying glass style specifically tailored to enhance the beer drinking experience of that particular brew. For instance, the beloved, world renowned Pilsner with its effervescent body and thick, creamy head is traditionally served in an elegant and elongated champagne flute that is shaped to accommodate the bubblies. Similarly, the thick and fluffy head of the German Weißbier requires a wide-mouthed top. The traditional glass of the Weißbier is a tall, graceful, and relatively slender glass with a narrower bottom that gradually increases as it rises to the top. This shape not only accommodates the fluffy head of the Weißbier, but also ensures that those banana and clove like aromas have enough contact with the air to rise and meet your nose.

Hefeweizen - Weissbier

Prost Brewing Weissbier

The shape of the beer glass changes dramatically for two other classic German biers, the Altbier and Kölsch. The glass that holds Kölsch is dainty in comparison to the Pils or Weißbier, which serves as a fitting glass for this delicate pale ale that originated in the Germam city of Köln. The glass is tall and straight-edged with a rather narrow body and an overall simple look. This appearance led to its name “Stange” which translates from German to mean “stick, pole, or rod.” Another German bier, Altbier, comes in a similar shaped glass that is also straight-edged, but that is shorter and broader than the “Stange” glass that holds Kölsch.



The last but certainly not least, the official glass of Oktoberfest holds a more than ample supply of the orange and reddish lager Märzen. Referred to as a “Maß,” this glass is also the standard beer garden serving size. Since this serving size is fitting for other occasions besides Oktoberfest, Prost will gladly pour you your favorite German bier in this traditional glass beer mug on any given day!

Märzen Oktoberfest

Märzen Oktoberfest

If you have not yet been exposed to the world of German beer glassware, you may get your feet wet (or better yet your lips!) as you wrap your mouth around all of the different glassware available at Prost. When you order any given beer at Prost they will be served in their traditional glassware, taking the authenticity of the “German” beer drinking experience at Prost to a whole new level. Who knows, such an experience may inspire you to purchase your very own authentic German glassware so that you can serve the bier from your Prost growler in the traditional glass it was meant for. With the holiday parties in full swing, bringing out a set of classic German glassware for your authentically German beer will surely impress and delight all of your guests! You might even gift that beer lover on your holiday list with a set of traditional German beer glassware to accompany that growler (or two!) full of Prost bier! Such a gift would surely be a gift that would keep on giving!


One thought on “Prost Growler + German Glassware: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

  1. Caryl Anne says:

    I love the idea of giving beer glasses as gifts, and to me, these German glasses would be perfect to give to anyone! I love the uniqueness and quality they have to offer. Thanks for sharing!

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