The Good Ole Days in Jug Form

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November 29, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Prost Brewing's Marzen Oktoberfest and Kolsch Growlers

Prost Brewing’s Marzen Oktoberfest and Kolsch Growlers

Back in the good ole days beer “to go” came in the form of galvanized pails that were carted home, the beer sloshing about creating a rumbling sound as the carbon dioxide escaped. It is supposedly from this sound that the name “growler” first came about. While Americans were using pails to transport the beer, the Germans were already using a glass or porcelain jug with a clasp-sealed lid called a siphon that kept the carbonation in.

At Prost, you can still enjoy the good ole days in jug form by enjoying a Prost growler this holiday season. Each growler exudes the German spirit with the colors of the German flag from the region of Germany where the beer styles originated from. If you buy your growlers now, you can showcase your German pride all season long as the growlers are made to last 60-120 days, depending upon the style of beer. Left unopened the beers will last through the entire holiday season, maintaining their freshness until the time is ripe for “Prosting!”.

If your growler is finished off before the season is over (as would be expected), you can join in on Prost’s recycling program to receive $1 off your next growler purchase. Growlers can be brought back to be recycled at any retailer or directly to Prost. Best of all, you can get a growler card to punch your way to a free growler. With a couple of holiday jugs you’ll be drinking your way towards a jug of authentic German bier! Hurry in while the jugs are still in plenty.


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