Warm Up to a Glass of Doppelbock

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November 15, 2013 by Prost Brewing

photo credit: liquene via photopin cc

With the holiday season just around the corner, the time is ripe for warming up to a stronger beer such as the German Doppelbock. Doppelbock, which literally translates to “double bock,” is a stronger and darker version of the Bavarian Bockbier. In direct contrast to the traditional bitter summer beer, Doppelbock is more sweet with an exceptional malty character. With a fairly high alcohol content, the Doppelbock is one of Germany’s biggest beers. It is the perfect beer for the holiday season that will warm you up and leave you with a comforting tinge of sweetness.

The original Doppelbock was brewed by a group of monks that had migrated from Italy to Munich in the 18th century. Looking to make a liquid drink from their grain that could be drunk during times of fasting, the monks created what came to be known as “liquid bread.” After the pope’s approval of the brew, the monks went about making ample amounts of their sacred brew that provided nourishment (and surely some pleasure) during times when solid food was not allowed. Once word got out about this delicious brew, some of the beer was smuggled from the monasteries to be given to the lay public, an act that was punishable by law. With only so much beer to be smuggled, the lay public eventually created their own version of “liquid bread.”

Monk Drinking

With its holy roots and its characteristic sweetness, Doppelbock is meant for the holiday season. With a large creamy head, malty aroma, and intensely rich flavor, Doppelbock is the kind of pleasure you have been waiting for all year long. A real pleasure, Doppelbock is a heart warmer that will carry you through this holiday season.


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