German Brewing Secrets

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November 11, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Dark Beer in Summer

When you sink your lips upon a glass full of authentic German beer, you might certainly begin to wonder what it is that makes German beer so uniquely delicious. Like many things of high-quality, German beer is the result of devotion to precise techniques coupled with attention to the selection of fine ingredients.

Finding the perfect ingredients for a perfect beer is not an easy task. Bill Eye, Prost Brewing’s head brewer, has made several trips to Germany, taste testing the beer and then discovering the techniques and ingredients behind the beer. It is with this learned perspective on what underlies a high-quality German bier, that Bill Eye and his skilled team at Prost Brewing have come up with the perfect mix of ingredients paired with unique brewing techniques specifically from Germany to make some of the best German brews available this side of the Atlantic.

What is the secret ingredient mix? You might be slightly disappointed when you hear that it is nothing more than what the German Reinheitsgebot allows: water, hops, yeast and malt. However, as Bill Eye and any skilled brewer will attest to, you can’t use just any malt or hops, or yeast for that matter. At Prost, only the highest quality German ingredients will do. The malt, hops, and yeast are all German, straight from the Andechs Monastery in Munich.


Andechs Monastery, Germany

It is in this monastery, considered a modern-day German beer mecca, that monks have been cultivating and refining their ingredients for centuries.

Ancient Brewing - 16th c.

Thus, Prost Brewing’s beers are purely German from start to finish. For a first hand experience of what high-quality German beer made with fine German ingredients and meticulous German brewing techniques, head to to Prost for an afternoon or evening of pure beer pleasure.


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