Begin to Give Thanks with 2 for 1 Prost Holiday Biers

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November 8, 2013 by Prost Brewing

A Painting of the Mayflower

A Painting of the Mayflower

It is true, beer has been a mainstay since the pilgrims first arrived with a boat full of kegs. The pilgrims were devoted beer drinkers from the start, but it was not just because they liked the flavor. They depended on beer for hydration since water was often unsafe to drink, leading to a plethora of illnesses. Thus, drinking beer kept the earliest pilgrims alive and kicking.

In fact, beer in some ways, has shaped American history. For instance, the original pilgrims who had made the long journey across the Atlantic to the New World had originally intended upon arriving in Virginia, where a colony had already been established a few years back. However, when they saw land at Cape Cod, their supplies were already getting low enough that the seamen of the ship who had to make the journey back were concerned whether or not they would have enough beer for themselves. Thus, the seamen somehow talked the pilgrims into settling around Plymouth Rock for the winter, for the sake of the seamen’s coveted beer supplies.

While the original consumption of beer in the U.S. colonies appears to be rather dire, beer kept its place in the early Colonial American diet, even finding its way onto the breakfast table, and of course, always having a spot at the Thanksgiving feast. So there you have it, beer has been a part of the American cultural fabric since the first European settlers arrived. Enjoying beer over Thanksgiving is an original American tradition.

This year, Prost Brewing is making carrying on this tradition that much easier by offering 2 for 1 holiday biers. For easy transport, a couple of Prost Brewing’s growlers will contain all you need to satisfy the thirst of your fellow feasters. The best part of all is that you can stock up now since each of Prost’s growlers are produced with a counter-pressure growler filler that gives the growlers a minimum 60 day shelf life. Hurry in while there is still plenty of authentic German bier to go around!

Prost Brewing's Marzen Oktoberfest and Kolsch Growlers

Prost Brewing’s Marzen Oktoberfest and Kolsch Growlers

Prost! and give thanks!


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