Denver’s German Brewing Roots

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November 1, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Panorama of Denver, Colorado, 1898

Panorama of Denver, Colorado 1898

All the way back to the year 1859 in which the city of Denver was founded, beer has been brewing in the Mile High City. When gold was discovered in the Platte River, miners and pioneers flocked to the city, giving saloons a secure clientele as long as the beer was flowing.

With such a thirsty crowd, the growth of the brewing industry in Denver was rather inevitable. Nevertheless, it took the risky venture of one young German immigrant by the name of Adolph Coors to get things off to a booming start. Founding the well-known Coors Brewery in Golden in 1873, he would come to found the single largest brewery in the world located just on the outskirts of Denver, putting the Mile High City on the map.

More than a century later, came Denver’s brewing “renaissance” fueled by an eager bunch of talented and devoted brewers who sought to veer away from the industrial side of the brewing industry that had been established so long ago, to create breweries that were smaller and more local in nature that produced beers with character, ones which varied from batch to batch as in the olden days. Set amidst a world of industrial, homogenous tasting beer, these brewers created beer that was novel, one-of-a-kind, and brewed with care.

Enter Prost Brewing to the Denver brewing historical timeline making their mark on August of 2012. Going back to Denver’s original German brewing roots, but offering something entirely different than Denver’s original German brewer Adolph Coors did, Prost Brewing sought to fulfill the niche for brewing traditional German beer in the Mile High City. Taking authenticity to a whole new level, Prost takes care in creating the traditional German brews with century old recipes, brewing techniques, and inherited German copper brewing equipment straight from a centuries old brewery in Bavaria.

Copper Brewing Equipment straight from Germany

Copper Brewing Equipment straight from Germany

It is this level of authenticity coupled with the attention to detail taken by brewers Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter that Prost Brewing is reintroducing Denver to its German brewing roots, but this time in a rather different light that puts tradition and quality above all else.

Prost Brewing's Brewers Bill Eye & Ashleigh Carter living their passion for German beer

Prost Brewing’s Brewers Bill Eye & Ashleigh Carter living their passion for German beer


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