Going Back to Our Roots


October 28, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Beers on tap

A little over Prost Brewing’s one year anniversary, Prost is going back to its original brewing roots with a remake of the very first bier that was quaffed down by Prost’s first patrons. The beer, known as Dunkelweizen, is a dark wheat ale that originated in Bavaria, the region of Germany from which many of the beers at Prost are originally from.

While the name may appear a bit confusing at first since both “Dunkel” and “Weizen” are the names of individual German beers themselves, a further look into what this name signifies shows that this name is absolutely fitting for this special brew. “Dunkel” translates to “dark,” and is thus used to refer to the darker color of this beer. Since the second half of the name “Weizen” is the name of a golden-yellow brew, this differentiation is important. For those of you not familiar with the classic German Weissbier, also known as Weizenbier, it is a creamy Bavarian wheat beer that tastes strongly of banana and clove. The word “Weiss” actually means “wheat” in German. Thus, together we have a darker version of the classic German wheat ale.

Hefeweizen - Weissbier

Prost Brewing’s Weissbier

To make this unique brew, the brewer begins with the typical mash of wheat malts traditionally used for Weissbier and mixes it with a batch of lightly to thoroughly caramelized or roasted malts. This special mix results in a complex, colorful, and rather sophisticated wheat ale that mixes banana and clove with a touch of the slightly sweet roasted malt flavors that add an extra sense of comfort amongst the cooler fall weather.

If you did not get a chance to taste this beer the first time around, Prost Brewing is offering another chance to taste a Prost original that started things off on the right step. With a year that quickly passed, bringing many new friends and unexpected accomplishments such as a GABF gold medal, the time is ripe for us at Prost to look back to our roots, the brew with which it all began.


2 thoughts on “Going Back to Our Roots

  1. Barb says:

    I found an old footed beer mug in my grandparent’s basement, etched “Prost” and then, I believe, “Nun si mu” or “Nun si wu” on the next line. Do you know what that means? Was it the company slogan at one time?

  2. Sheppy says:

    Any idea when this will be on tap. I’d like to stop by and try some.

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