Celebrate Halloween with Prost & Win Free Beer for A Year!

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October 25, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Halloween Costumes

You may be too old to trick or treat, but you are never too old to carve a pumpkin as you quaff down some authentic Prost brew. To celebrate Halloween with the community, Prost will be holding a Prost Pumpkin Carving Contest. Actually, this event has already begun, beginning on October 15th! Thankfully, the carving will continue on through October 31st, offering any guest to Prost the chance to showoff their pumpkin carving talents. Even more, two of the individuals with the best pumpkin art will be drinking Prost Brewing beer for FREE for the entire year to come!

No need to bring your own pumpkin as Prost will be supplying the pumpkins and the carving tools. Voting will take place among the employees and any patrons who want to join in on determining who has the best pumpkin art. Even if you don’t win, you will have the chance to enjoy quality beer as you engage in an activity that is celebrated all over the world, including in Germany.

While Halloween did not begin in Germany, it is still celebrated by many Germans who have taken a liking to this American holiday. Pumpkins (Kürbis) can be found out in front of many of the German houses, many of which have been carved out to form Jack-O Lanterns (ausgehöhlter Kürbisse). Children will dress up and say, “Streich oder Süßigkeit!” (Trick or Treat!).

Germans follow this celebration with a similar Halloween holiday that takes place on November 11th, known as Martinstag, the Feast of St. Martin. The children dress up again and process down the streets holding candle-lit lanterns, singing, and receiving treats that they store in their handmade lanterns until they return home. Just think, if you were German, you could celebrate Halloween twice! Of course, you can always come and celebrate a second Halloween on November 11th with Prost, receiving a second helping of adult treats in the form of all of the German beer that you so desire.

So come down and celebrate Halloween with us! The beer will be flowing and there will be plenty of pumpkins to go around!

Jack-O Lantern

Happy Halloween! Prost!


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