The German Bier That Took The Gold


October 21, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Prost Brewing's Keller Pils Takes the Gold at the GABF

Prost Brewing’s Keller Pils Takes the Gold at the GABF

If you have not already heard the news, Prost Brewing just received a gold medal in the Keller or Zwickelbier category for their “Keller Pils” at this year’s Great American Beer Festival (GABF). To celebrate, Prost tapped the keg of this award-winning brew this past Friday, October 18th, spreading the gold among its most devoted German beer loving fans!

For those not yet familiar with “Keller Pils,” Prost’s fresh, new golden brew awaits. Keller Pils is similar, and yet very different from the classic Prost Pils. Kellerbier is a lager style most common in the region of Germany known as Franconia with a recipe that dates back to around 160 years ago. In fact, Kellerbier may still be found in the small artisanal breweries of Franconia where it is still considered the preferred brew.

The brew’s name refers to how it is made. The name “Keller” stands for “cellar” pertaining to the cooler lagering temperatures that were used in making this special brew. This beer is unique in that it still contains some of its original brewing yeast, as well as the B vitamins and minerals produced by the yeast in suspension. This not only makes this beer healthy, but also results in a beer with a “naturally cloudy” appearance.

Underlying this yeasty haze, is the color of gold, in line with its award-winning status. The aroma smells of spicy hops, and the flavor is clean and yeasty, with a touch of sweetness to balance out its crisp hop kick. For a first hand experience of the Keller Pils, Prost invites you down to their German beer hall to share in the gold. After all, what good is the gold without people to share it with!

Come share the gold with us!

Prost Brewers with the Gold



2 thoughts on “The German Bier That Took The Gold

  1. Shep says:

    Congratulations on the gold medal. I’ll have to stop by and give it a try.

  2. […] German beer has found its place in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood where lovers of one of the world’s most ancient brews flock to Prost Brewing for an overflowing Maß, the classic German beer mug. It is here that Denver residents and visitors to Denver are able to play out their fantasy of quaffing down an authentic mug of Pilsner, Dunkel, Altbier, Weissbier, Kolsch, or the classic Oktoberfest Marzen, freeing them from having to book that trip to Munich for such an experience. Prost Brewing’s bier isn’t just authentic, but is also award-winning. Even though the brewery opened just one year ago, among its accolades acquired thus far is a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the Keller or Zwickelbier category for their “… […]

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