Wake up to German Food & Beer

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October 11, 2013 by Prost Brewing

courtesy of Les Hutchins

courtesy of Les Hutchins

Tomorrow morning (October 12th) at 11:30 a.m. Lou’s Food Bar off of 38th Ave. in Denver will be hosting a German Beer Brunch featuring some of Prost’s most prized beers of the moment. With three courses and four Prost beers, this late morning meal will introduce you to the hearty flavors of German cuisine paired with the refreshing tastes of quality German brews.

Lou’s Food Bar is a happy, loud, family-centered eatery that aligns nicely with the community vibes always abuzz at Prost. Thus, when Prost Brewing and Lou’s Food Bar will collide tomorrow, the creation of a community, family friendly, jovial meal will ensue. Lou’s Food Bar takes their food to heart in the same way that Prost pours their heartfelt passions into their beer. Lou’s does the classics, and does them well, including such staples as sausage, cheese, fried chicken and pie. While this lineup may sound basic at first, the cuisine’s excellence lies in the details.

The German Beer Brunch will showcase German staples with unexpected twists. Sausage won’t just be a plump and oblong shape on your plate, but will be served in the form of a sausage scone crouton served aside confit potato and greens. Duck will be smoked and mixed into a savory hash that will be topped off with a generous dousing of chimichurri hollandaise, and a poached egg floating atop this mound of rich pleasure. To finish off the meal in an authentic German manner, guests will be given the royal treatment with Lou’s “Apple Waffle” creation complete with apple butter, crisp pork belly, apple syrup, and a tall glass of Prost Brewing’s fall classic Märzen Oktoberfest to wash it all down. Bite by bite and sip by sip, this meal will provide a well-rounded taste of authentic German at its finest.

Märzen Oktoberfest

Märzen Oktoberfest

Besides Prost Brewing’s now in-demand fall seasonal Märzen Oktoberfest, the beer lineup will include Prost’s Kölsch in the form of a cocktail to start things off, followed by Weißbier full of the flavors of banana and clove, and then on to Altbier, an old brown beer classic named for its aged roots (Alt=old in German).  Well-aged with modern touches, Lou’s and Prost’s German Beer Brunch brings together aged classics from the German food and beer world in a way that is completely unexpected. If you have ever fantasized of waking up to a meal of authentic German food and beer, Lou’s will make your fantasy a reality tomorrow morning. The “Prosting!” (Cheers!) is just hours away. Hope to see you there!

German Beer Brunch


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