“Prost-ing!” Outside of Prost

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October 7, 2013 by Prost Brewing

With one of the nicest and most well-known beer halls in the state, Prost Brewing is renowned for its convivial atmosphere filled with continuous rounds of “Prost-ing!” (i.e. “Cheers-ing!”). However, some of the visitors to Prost Brewing’s epic and authentic German beer hall may not know that the “Prost-ing!” is available “to go”. That is, each of Prost Brewing’s beers, including the now in-demand Märzen Oktoberfest, are available to take home in the form of one of Prost Brewing’s own signature growlers pictured below.

Prost Brewing's Marzen Oktoberfest and Kolsch Growlers

Prost Brewing’s Marzen Oktoberfest and Kolsch Growlers

Prost Brewing does not do cans or bottles, selling their beer only in the form of bulk growlers like it was done in the olden days. Those of you who have gotten your share of growlers in the past may be wondering how Prost Brewing’s growlers store long enough to be transported across the state and sold since most growlers filled straight from the tap typically only last a few days. The answer to this is simple: Prost Brewing has its very own special counter-pressure machine that sanitizes and pressurizes the growlers so that they have a minimum 60 day shelf-life. This long shelf-life also means that you may even purchase an extra growler or two to store in the fridge ’til the “Prost-ing!” time is ripe. For a bit of further motivation to buy your very own growler, Prost Brewing offers “growler cards” when you purchase your growler at Prost, with each punch taking you one step closer to a free growler of beer!!!

For a birds-eye view of where you may purchase your growler outside of the Prost Brewing beer hall, check out this map here: http://www.prostbrewing.com/distribution.html. For the last of the summer brews, and the German fall classic Märzen Oktoberfest, head to any of these locations or to Prost Brewing’s German beer hall and tasting room before the taste of summer and fall are all gone. Now is your time to take home some German pleasure in the form of a bottled up brew from Prost! Let the “Prost-ing” continue on past Prost Brewing’s walls to the homes of its devoted German beer loving patrons!

Here is to many more Prosts! “Prost!”


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