One Final “Prost!” to Prost Brewing’s Oktoberfest 2013

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September 30, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Oktoberfest banner

Yesterday, Prost Brewing celebrated its final day of Oktoberfest celebrations held at its very own German beer hall and biergarten overlooking downtown Denver. Just hours ago, the Märzen beer was flowing, “Prost-ing!” was never ending, and thirsty German beer lovers were engaging in “Gemütlichkeit,” German for “coziness” and “good cheer.” Celebrations rang into the night as patrons to Prost Brewing feasted upon traditional German fare provided by Jo’s German cuisine. At the end of it all, everyone who was not yet apart of the “Bierleichen” or “beer corpses” lying about, rose to participate in one final “Prost!” to one of Denver’s grandest and most authentically German celebrations.

photo credit: christian.senger via photopin cc

photo credit: christian.senger via photopin cc

With so many individuals and organizations to thank, Prost Brewing first and foremost would like to thank its devoted German beer lovers who arrived with good cheer and ample appetites for Prost Brewing’s Märzen Oktoberfest brew. Prost Brewing would also like to raise a toast of gratitude to Jason’s German Phillies, Bravaria Pizza, Jo’s German cuisine, Basic Needs German Pizza, and all of the many German food “cuisinier extraordinaire” that came to Prost with tables full of fine German cuisine. Last, but not least, a glass must be raised to Prost Brewing’s hard-working brewers, Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter, who brewed some of Denver’s most finely crafted Märzen Oktoberfest.

Märzen Oktoberfest

Märzen Oktoberfest

If you somehow had to miss out on Prost Brewing’s Oktoberfest celebration, do not despair as Prost still has plenty of traditional German beer to go around. While yesterday marked the end of Prost Brewing’s official Oktoberfest celebration, Oktoberfest is a mark of the beginning of fall drinking, rather than the end. What began on September 20th with Joshua from the German Chamber of Commerce tapping the first keg at Oktoberfest will continue on all fall long as increasingly cool temperatures will beckon you into Prost Brewing’s beer hall for a tasty, fall-flavored brew enjoyed in Prost’s cozy one-of-a-kind German beer hall.

The First Prost of Prost Brewing's Oktoberfest

The First Prost of Prost Brewing’s Oktoberfest

We look forward to seeing you this fall! A final toast to Prost Brewing’s Oktoberfest…”Prost!” May good beer and “Gemütlichkeit” be with you all fall long!

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