Prost Brewing’s Oktoberfest: Beer & Good Cheer

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September 27, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Oktoberfest banner

It’s official – the 180th Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany is in full swing. Munich is alit with the sounds of “Prost,” laughter and good cheer as people from all over the world unite to celebrate this traditional German festival. From September 21st to October 6th, Munich will draw crowds of millions of German beer lovers, making Oktoberfest the world’s largest beer festival. To start things off, last Saturday the mayor of Munich inserted the first tap into a keg announcing to the masses “Ozapft is!” German for “It’s tapped!”.

These same words paired with a crowd full of “Prosts” could also be heard at Prost Brewing in Denver last Friday, September 21st, as the first keg for this year’s Prost Brewing Oktoberfest was tapped. With Märzen beer flowing, Prost Brewing’s beer hall has been filled with thirsty German beer lovers looking to share in a part of what the Germans like to call “Gemütlichkeit,” a uniquely German word that best translates to “coziness” and “good cheer.”

In order to fully experience “Gemütlichkeit” one must leave their troubles at the door and relish in a celebration based upon beer, community, and a general love of life. Germans understand that the pleasures of good beer are incomplete without the pleasures of good company.

To help bring about the good cheer, Germans have created their share of musical numbers that can be heard bellowing from the beer tents at Oktoberfest every year. One of the most classic songs of Oktoberfest sure to be heard many a time in Munich is a melody known as “Ein Prosit” or “A Toast” in English. If you don’t already know it, and have not yet heard of it, now is your time to acquaint yourself with this Oktoberfest classic. Who knows – you might just get a chance to sing it this year! Don’t worry, the lyrics are easy:

A toast, A toast
To cheer and good times
A toast, a toast
To cheer and good times

One Two Three!
Drink up!

Of course, the German version is a bit more complicated, at least for english speakers:

Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit
Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit

Oans Zwoa Drei!

The song is commonly followed by “Schenktein, trinkt aus, schenktein, trinkt aus!” which translates to “I poured you one, drink it up, I poured you one, drink it up!”

Singing along or just swaying to the music, “Prost-ing,” and swigging away, Oktoberfest at Prost Brewing will surely leave you in a place of good cheer. As this is the last weekend for Prost Brewing’s Oktoberfest, Prost looks forward to welcoming all of its fans and German beer lovers for a weekend of celebration.

See you soon! Prost!

photo credit: christian.senger via photopin cc

photo credit: christian.senger via photopin cc


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