Kick off your Oktoberfest Celebration with a Feast to Remember

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September 23, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Oktoberfest banner

As you very well know and are amply reminded of during the time of Oktoberfest, Germans like to drink their traditional brews. Of course, a point less stressed but equally as obvious with a visit to Munich’s Oktoberfest is the fact that Germans also love their own traditional foods that fill the tables at every Oktoberfest. Since no Oktoberfest is complete without some traditional German Brat or something of the like, Prost Brewing is offering a feast to remember as part of this year’s Oktoberfest celebration taking place at Denver’s Prost.

If you have not already kicked off your own Oktoberfest celebration this past weekend, Prost Brewing is offering the perfect way to start things off right, with a four course German meal paired with four of Prost Brewing’s traditional German beers. The Oktoberfest Beer Dinner will take place this Tuesday (tomorrow!!!), September 24th, at 6:30 p.m. at Prost Brewing in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.

Prost Brewing's Beer Garden in Denver

Prost Brewing’s Beer Garden in Denver

The meal will be based upon the most delicious and savory traditional German Oktoberfest specialties. These are those dishes you hear about being served in the beer halls throughout Munich – you know, the ones that are sure to satisfy the strongest of appetites and perhaps even put hair on the mens’ chests. This is the food the German lumberjack dressed in his Lederhosen once drank with his beer after a long day of climbing the Bavarian Alps.

Traditional Male Dress: The Lederhosen

Traditional Male Dress: The Lederhosen

Drinking the same food and drink eaten and drunk in Germany for ages upon ages, you will get to work your way through specialties such as pretzel bread stuffed with ham hock or grilled and smoked bison bratwurst skewers topped with forest mushrooms and a warm slice of pumpernickel toast. Colorado campfire trout (Steckerlfisch) will make an appearance, grilled on a cinnamon skewer with fennel and late harvest tomatoes. Follow this with a plate of tender belly roast pork loin (Schweinebraten) that has been soaked in Dunkel served aside red cabbage braised in Prost beer (Blaukraut) and a hefty scoop of whipped and buttered potatoes. Finish the night off with Prost Brewing’s Weißbier and a Black Forest Tart composed of layers of spiced pastry tucked between a thick chocolate, cherry filling, that is all topped off with a drizzle of dark beer chocolate sauce and a dollop of vanilla bean cream.

Hefeweizen - Weissbier

Prost’s Weissbier

One meal and you will have gotten the opportunity to take a taste tour of German Oktoberfest foods paired with their traditional German brews. The meal will include Prost Brewing’s Märzen, Pilsner, Dunkel, and Weißbier. As you eat and drink like a true German, you will be sure to experience the pleasures of Oktoberfest right at home in Colorado.

Many Prosts await you!


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