Maß: An Oktoberfest Staple

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September 13, 2013 by Prost Brewing

If the size of one’s mug is any indication of the degree of enthusiasm one has for beer, then the patrons of Oktoberfest may be considered the world’s greatest and most passionate beer lovers. If you don’t already know, the large glass beer mug that has become a true staple of any Oktoberfest celebration is exactly 1 litre, which is equal to about 33.8 U.S. fl. oz! Since beer that is being sold for immediate consumption is normally served in much smaller amounts (0.2 -0.5 litres), the grand size of a 1 litre beer mug is indeed a sure mark of celebration.

1 liter beer mug - Maß

This Oktoberfest staple is so well known among Germans that the name for it is simply Maß (pronounced ‘mas’), the word for a mug of beer in the Bavarian language. It is no wonder this staple item has such an integral place within the German language since it has been around since the beginnings of Oktoberfest itself in the early 1800s.

However, the original mugs were a bit different. For instance, the mugs used between 1838 and 1877 in Switzerland, and those used in the German state of Baden until 1871 were even larger than today’s mugs, sizing out at 1.5 litres! The original mugs were not made out of glass, either. The introduction of glass mugs occurred at the 1892 Oktoberfest. Ordinary German beer mugs have been made out of glass ever since.

Despite these changes, the general look and purpose of the Maß has remained the same, standing as a tried and true accompaniment to any and every Oktoberfest celebration. If you have not yet obtained your very own Oktoberfest Maß, this Oktoberfest may be your time to do so. At Prost Brewing, you will be sure to get a taste of an authentic German Märzen brew served in the traditional Maß at this year’s Oktoberfest taking place right in the heart of downtown Denver from September 27th through October 6th. With a true Maß in hand, you are ready for the Oktoberfest celebration to begin!


See you there….Prost!



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