Brewing: Traditionally the Woman’s Job

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September 6, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Long, long ago in a place far, far away, the woman of the house was the head brewer in charge of making the family’s brew. More specifically, women living in the peaceful farming villages of today’s Germany around the 6th century A.D. were the sole creators of the home brew. In German families of this time, home brewing was as ubiquitous as home cooking and baking, and the home brew was a vital part of the family diet, no matter how young.

The task of brewing was considered an essential role for the woman, so much so that the brew kettle was often given as part of a maiden’s dowry along with her cooking pots and pans. The brewing woman of the house took on this noble task, well aware of its centrality to the family as well as a means to socializing within the community. When a fresh batch was ready, friends were often invited to taste test the new brew.

Rewind back even farther into the history of brewing and you will find once again that the woman was in charge of brewing. Tablets from Mesopotamia and remnants of Egyptian art both indicate that women were the brewers. In ancient Mesopotamia, some women were tavern-keepers who produced the beer that they sold. A few women tavern-keepers could even be found in Colonial America.

While a few men could be found brewing as well, overall, women were the “brewsters” throughout much of ancient history. However, as brewing slowly lost its place in the domestic world, finding its place outside of the home, men took on their new professional brewing roles, this time for commercial means.

Today, the tables are turning once again as more and more women brewers are making it into the world of brewing. Taking on what was once a traditional woman’s role, women brewers are paving the way for future brewers, proving that brewing can be a woman’s job too! At Prost Brewing, the skilled, intelligent, and passionate woman brewer Ashleigh Carter has worked her way into the male-dominated brewing world. Combining her womanly talents with head brewer Bill Eye, Prost Brewing has a male, female brewing team at its core, helping in the creation of the perfectly balanced beer time and time again.

Prost Brewing's Brewers Bill Eye & Ashleigh Carter living their passion for German beer

Prost Brewing’s Brewers Bill Eye & Ashleigh Carter living their passion for German beer


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