Flavors That Stand on Their Own


September 2, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Beer Flavor Wheel


When you taste a beer at Prost, you are tasting beer in its truest, most pure sense. Following traditional German recipes, Prost lets the classical trio of yeasts, grains, and hops do their magic without adding any heavy doses of un-beer-like flavors. Prost beer is designed to please the palate the way a beer is supposed to, tasting the way beer has always tasted in the lands of Deutschland (i.e. Germany).

At Prost, you won’t find any of those “fluffy” flavors that are added to many other modern-day brews that mask the beer’s natural flavor profile. When you take the time and the effort to perfect your ingredients and brewing techniques to make your original brew into beer perfection, the idea of masking such a brew sounds like madness to the brewers of Prost.

This does not by any means suggest that the beer at Prost is boring with its real beer-like flavor profiles. That is because Prost’s brewers are masters at artfully drawing out those desired flavors from the basic beer trio (yeast, grain, hop) in order to produce a beer that tastes like extra ingredients have actually been added to it.

yeast, grain, & hop

For instance, you may be surprised with your first sip of Prost’s Weißbier to find the flavors of banana and clove come to meet your tongue. These unique flavors to the beer world are produced from special ale yeasts that produce an entourage of unexpected flavor compounds. For a more delicate brewed flavor, you might find that you enjoy Prost’s Kölsch with its more subtle fruitiness made for those with the most sensitive taste buds (i.e. “super” tasters). Super taster or not, the spicy hop flavors of the noble German hops in Prost’s signature flagship beer, the Prost Pils, will tantalize and satisfy anyone’s taste buds!


With every full flavored brew, Prost proves that excitement is already present in the original German brews and that these flavors may stand purely on their own. Even adding an ounce of a foreign flavor may take away from the pure flavors of the traditional German beers that have been refined to a specific flavor profile through the centuries. With no extra added ingredients, Prost showcases these flavors, offering the beer lover a taste of beer that is truly tried and true.


2 thoughts on “Flavors That Stand on Their Own

  1. Jason says:

    Is that an image only or does that flavor wheel exist for reals?

  2. Hi Jason,

    Yes, that is a real flavor wheel. You can find many by searching “beer flavor wheel”. There’s even http://www.beerflavorwheel.com.


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