Why German Yeasts?

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August 26, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Last week, a Prost blog post addressed the question as to why Prost’s brewers choose to use German hops. This week, Prost seeks to offer an explanation for why Prost uses German yeasts from the old Benedictine Andechs monastery just outside of Munich. In this sacred place, beer lovers may be found in the masses, flocking to this beer mecca to enjoy a taste of that unique German terroir that has been cultivated and re-cultivated by monks for centuries.

Andechs Monastery, Germany

Andechs Monastery, Germany

A yeast from an old benedictine monastery that has brewed beer for centuries tells the story of centuries of ancient German brewing, standing as an expression of the environment and the culture in which it was cultivated in.

Brewing Yeast

When this yeast is added into the brewing mix for a Prost beer, the beer is made that much more authentically German, expressing the sense of place that would be encountered at this well-known German brewing mecca.

At Prost, we strive to give our customers an authentic taste of Germany, including its terroir. When you take your first sip of a Prost brew, you should experience a sense of place that is rooted in the lands of Germany. The beer should speak to you in ways reading or learning about Germany could not, because the beer actually provides you with a first hand experience of Germany. It is through Prost’s special attention to obtaining ingredients that are authentically German that Prost is able to piece together beers that reflect the true flavors of the Deutschland. Thus, Prost concludes that for a real German brew only German yeasts will do.

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