Why German Hops?

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August 19, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Hop Fields in Hallertau, Germany

Hop Fields in Hallertau, Germany

Stemming from its origin in the lands of ancient China, hops spread their way east and west, eventually making it to Europe. The first recorded cultivation of hops in Germany was in 736 A.D. in the region of present-day Germany known as Hallertau. Four hundred years later was the first mention of the use of hops in brewing, written in a text that dates back to 1079 A.D.

From then on, hops continued to spread as people traveled far and wide with their beloved hops still in tow.

Depiction of American Colonists Growing Hops

Depiction of American Colonists Growing Hops

Today, hops are cultivated across the globe, giving brewers the opportunity to use hops that have been produced in such places as Great Britain, the Czech Republic, and even at home in the United States. However, despite the abundance of hops from all corners of the world, there are few places where hops have evolved to deliver superior and delicate flavors.

Now, you might be thinking that here at Prost we are a little biased on the subject, holding the German hops to be the best just because we are a traditional German brewery. However, there are specific reasons why we use German hops that span beyond their German heritage. We love using local when it doesn’t undermine quality, but U.S. hops are noted for being more zesty, pungent, and aggressive than would be suitable for a traditional German brew. Great Britain hops are particularly floral. The Czech Republic hops are especially aromatic. While all of these can be seen as positive attributes, ultimately, for the highest quality German beer you need all of these characteristics. Indeed, German hops combine the best of all the others, offering a citrusy, floral, and aromatic flavor profile that makes brewing with the German hop, well, simply the best of all worlds!

Hurry in this week for a taste of the German hop and a chance to help celebrate Prost’s One Year Anniversary celebration that will be ongoing this entire week August 19th to the 25th! Now that is something to Prost to!


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