It All Began with the “Stammtisch”…One Year Ago

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August 16, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Not every brewery has a “Stammtisch” table, that is — a table with a name that in German signifies that the table is reserved for the “regulars.” Always in line with German tradition, even in terms of the details that form the classic German beer hall, Prost Brewing included a “Stammtisch” table among its plans for the most traditional and authentic Germany brewery this side of the Atlantic.

Stammtisch Sign at Prost

With the opening of Prost Brewing approximately one year ago, the “Stammtisch” table was nestled in the corner, labeled with a sign made out of a cut out tree trunk. In the beginning, the table served as a cozy spot for Prost’s most frequent visitors to gather and converse over a fresh brew. However, it was not long before this little table expanded, perhaps not in the true physical sense, but in the sense that all of the tables in Prost’s beer hall soon became tables for the “regulars.”

So what is it that keeps Prost fans returning time and time again? Maybe it is the taste of quality from a refreshing traditional German brew or the feel of a real German beer hall that makes first time guests daydream of when they will get another chance to experience Prost’s atmosphere.  Of course, Prost fans may also be drawn to Prost’s German biergarten that has one of the best views of downtown Denver money (or in this case beer!) can buy.

Prost Brewing's Beer Garden in Denver

Prost Brewing’s Beer Garden in Denver

The awards are always a help too, attracting those who happened to stumble upon Prost’s accolades and became curious enough to give Prost a try, soon joining the others at the regulars’ table.

Whatever the reason might be, it is now certain that the Denver community was once in dire need of an authentic German brewery, fit with a beer hall and biergarten, and that that need can now been satisfied with Prost Brewing. Within the wide world of Colorado brews, Prost Brewing strives to fill a niche for those who are searching for the quality that accompanies tradition, attention to ingredients, and a team of workers and brewers that live out their passion for German beer each day at Prost Brewing.

Prost Brewing's Brewers Bill Eye & Ashleigh Carter living their passion for German beer

Prost Brewing’s Brewers Bill Eye & Ashleigh Carter living their passion for German beer

It has been one exciting year for the team of Prost Brewing as we have watched the Denver community slowly trickle in and find their place at one of our many regulars’ tables. With still plenty of fresh summer brews awaiting a taste, Prost Brewing would like to invite all of its regulars (and newbies!) to Prost’s One Year Anniversary Celebration. Taking place at Prost this coming week from August 19th through August 25th, Prost extends the invitation to any thirsty beer lovers who are looking to experience for the first time, or once again, the pleasures of Prost.



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