Keeping the Ancient Art Alive

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August 12, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Germanii brewing beer in the Bronze Age

Germanii brewing beer in the Bronze Age

The art of brewing is ancient, dating back to mankind’s oldest civilization, the Sumerians of Mesopotamia who are believed to have started brewing approximately 10,000 years ago as humans were first beginning their transition from a hunter gather way of doing things to a sedentary, agricultural based lifestyle. Around 2,000-700 B.C., during the Bronze Age, a group of forest-dwelling germanii are credited as the first Europeans to make beer. Thus, no one may dispute that brewing is an ancient craft in Germany, dating back to the beginnings of European civilization, at a time just after the great Stonehenge was believed to have been constructed!

While much has changed since then, the basics of brewing have remained the same through the ages. With the discovery of hops in the 8th c. A.D. and that of yeast in the 19th c. by the famed Louis Pasteur, the precision used in brewing beer has slowly been whittled down to a science that every modern day brewer must devote his life to learning.

Using science as the foundation, brewers may experiment using different recipes and ingredients, and then making observations and judgements that may eventually lead to their own intuitive sense of the art of brewing. With each experimentation of a traditional German recipe, Prost Brewing’s brewers refine their sense of what makes the perfect German brew. Drawing upon the traditions of German brewing that have accumulated through the ages, Prost’s brewers take into account tradition, married with their knowledge of science, and guided by their intuition to accomplish the intricate art of German brewing.

Prost Brewing's Brewers Bill Eye & Ashleigh Carter

Prost Brewing’s Brewers Bill Eye & Ashleigh Carter

It is brewers such as those of Prost Brewing who are keeping this ancient art alive, drawing the strings to link their own art with that of those forest-dwelling germanii that began this art so long ago. To taste the product of refinement over ages of experimentation, theory, tradition, and the development of science, head to Prost for a true taste of the ages.

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