It’s All in Your Head

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August 9, 2013 by Prost Brewing

beer foam

In the head of every beer served at Prost Brewing, you will find a foamy treasure chest of aromatics. Indeed, each bubble holds a unique collection of smells that rise up to greet your nose, revealing the beer’s subtle complexities with every whiff. In this way, the famous beer head adds to the overall sensory experience of drinking a fine traditional German beer.

While it does add some degree of visual appeal depending upon the eye of the beerholder, the foamy crown of any German beer also plays a critical role in forming a pleasing texture to the beer. Ultimately, this top layer of froth adds a soft and supple accent that blankets your tongue with foamy comfort, tickling your insides as it glides its way down.

For these reasons and more, brewers and beer lovers have long been scheming ways to preserve the perfect head. Over time, brewers have determined that adjusting the alcohol content and the concentration of hops may alter the head. Higher alcohol concentrations often kill the foam and higher amounts of hops may cause the bubbles to stick to the side of the glass. Furthermore, the type of malt and grains used will significantly change the size of the foamy head that surfaces on top, in addition to the longevity of the beer head. Glasses specifically designed to hold the foam further ensure a good head when all is said and done.

Hefeweizen Glass

Hefeweizen Glass

Next time you indulge in a Prost brew, take note of its perfect head, offering much more to the drinker than a beer-foam mustache. Encasing an array of alluring smells and contributing to the beer’s overall texture, the bubbles are much more vital to a beer than mere appearance. Some foam lovers might go as far to say that to determine the true quality of your beer, “well…it’s all in your head.”

A Prost to the vitality and longevity of the beer head!

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