The Versatility of the Brew

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August 5, 2013 by Prost Brewing

In the ongoing discussion of what makes beer or wine the preferred drink of choice for Americans, the versatility of each drink in food pairings further highlights advantages to drinking the brew over the fermented grape. Beer is typically lower in alcohol with a flavor profile that is lighter so that it does not come to dominate the flavors of food, but rather links up with the flavors of food, helping to complete the meal.

Wine, on the other hand, may have more of tendency to overpower the flavors in food in a way that according to some quite frankly smashes the food flavors to pieces. Thus, wine pairings often require more care and knowledge in order to ensure that the flavors in the food are not masked by the rich flavors of the wine.

Beer is often easier and more forgiving, making it the ideal drink for food pairings that include many different kinds of food. With a few tips mentioned in this previous blog post, you may navigate your way through the basics needed for a proper beer and food pairing. Wine, on the other hand, requires wine experts known as “sommeliers” that study for years in order to learn the tricks behind pairing a wine with a particular food.

Even with the tricks at hand, wine may fail to pair properly with certain flavors such as spicy. Beer, however, contains an element of bitterness and spice from the use of hops that enables beer to match with spicy food in a way that wine can’t.


This same bitterness is what gives beer the cutting edge to slice through a rich dish.

When comparing beer and wine, beer appears to come out on top, offering more versatility overall for pairings with food. The wide spectrum of flavors offered in Prost’s lineup of traditional German brews gives an array of possibilities for achieving food and beer pairings that complement one another, enhancing the overall flavor profile of a meal. Thus, when faced with a meal that has a variety of foods with wide ranging flavors, beer may be a more fitting choice, with no expertise required.


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