Brews & Blues

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July 29, 2013 by Prost Brewing

While a good brew and the sound of some classic blues has a nice ring to it, a slowly fermented, freshly ripened blue cheese can also serve as the perfect complement to a select group of fine brews.

Beer & Blue Cheese

The pairing of an artisan blue cheese with a carefully brewed craft beer might not be the first food and brew combination that comes to mind, but much like the traditional wine and cheese pairing that has lasted through the ages, beer and cheese is a tried and true blend of flavors and textures that can appeal to every appetite. Furthermore, the flavors of beer and cheese may easily meld together, with both foods containing similar flavor profiles commonly described as smoky, yeasty, fruity, rich, toasted, and floral.

If this sort of pairing is still a bit foreign to you, you might consider attending one of the beer and cheese pairings hosted by Prost Brewing in conjunction with some of Denver’s top foodie spots such as the Mellow Mushroom and Denver’s Bicycle Cafe. Each pairing features a variety of gourmet cheeses that are hand-picked to match a selection of four of Prost’s freshest and most popular beers of the moment.

Beer & Cheese

Cheese experts will guide you through the ground rules that underly matching the flavors of your favorite Prost brew with a fine cheese, or vice versa. Slowly, one by one you will begin to taste the combinations of cheese and beer that appeal to the senses, causing you to think beyond the typical wine and cheese duo to fantasize of what brew you can partner with what Prost German brew next.

With Prost’s long lineup of traditional German beers complete with entirely different and unique flavor profiles, you may find the ideal complement to your favorite cheese no matter the flavor, even if you have got the blues. So next time you’ve got the blues, don’t forget to grab yourself some Prost brews.


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