Beyond Beer & BBQ

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July 26, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Tending to the grill with a beer in hand is a given, but in a world of beers of every flavor and style, food pairings for beer expand far beyond the summer grill. Generally, beer may be paired with food according to intensity. Thus, a heavy beer compliments a hearty, rich meal.

Furthermore, beer may be paired according to its most dominant, most notable ingredient, whether it be malt, hops, or yeast. A beer that tastes strongly of sweet malt can certainly add that much needed sweetness to barbecue meats, but it also can pair nicely with your favorite dessert.

beer & dessert

The spicy, bitter, floral, and sometimes fruity notes of the beloved hop is the ideal match for foods on the spicier side. Thus, something like a hoppy Prost Pils adds the appropriate zing to your favorite spicy Mexican dish.

beer & mexican food

Last but certainly not least, the distinct flavor of yeast dominating the traditional German Hefeweizen may the most versatile of all, pairing well with anything from a light salad, fruit dish, or dessert to the cured meats and sausages that predominate the food culture from Bavaria, the region with which Hefeweizen was born and bred.

No doubt, the classic barbecue enjoyed with your beer of choice is one of life’s real pleasures. However, there is an entire world of food and beer pairings to explore beyond this classic duo. By simply paying attention to dominant flavors in your beer, you can learn to piece together winning combinations that will satisfy your taste buds, maybe even taking your beer drinking to a whole new level of gustatory satisfaction.

Prost wants to know: What are your favorite beer and food pairings?


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